Pushing Refunds to Shopify Channel Mapping

ChannelApe supports pushing line item refunds into Shopify from ChannelApe. In order to be able to push refunds into your Shopify, you must install and configure the Shopify Supplier integration. Once this is complete, you can set up a recipe to push orders that are in ChannelApe into Shopify. Prior to reading this, you should be familiar with what a ChannelApe Order looks like.

IMPORTANT: ChannelApe does not create refunds on the originating transaction.  Therefore, money will not be returned to the customer as a result of ChannelApe’s refund automation.

ChannelApe pushes orders to Shopify under the following circumstances

  1. Order must be IN_PROGRESS
  2. Must have read and update permissions on Channel
  3. Channel Refund ID must be empty
  4. Valid Location ID configured on the Channel that has the items being refunded stocked.

ChannelApe first calculates the refund based on the line items being refunded. After it’s calculated, ChannelApe pushes the values to Shopify for the refund. The mapping is as follows:

ChannelApe OrderShopify Refund

ChannelApe Field Refund
channelOrderId orderId
currency currency

ChannelApe Refund LineItemShopify Refund Line Item

ChannelApe Field Refund Line Item
id line_item_id
quantity quantity
channel.additionalfields.location_id location_id
‘no_restock’ restock_type