How do I select a category for my eBay listings

In order for your listing to be created on eBay, you need to put it in an appropriate category. This is easy enough when you are manually creating listings on eBay but there is nothing easy about manually creating thousands of listings. I’m sure you already know this pain or else you would not be looking for a solution like ChannelApe! Don’t worry we have your back. Below are a few steps on how to map the categories of your products within ChannelApe to an existing eBay category.

Step 1

Select App Integrations in the sidebar, then select the eBay channel you wish to push products for from the Installed tab.

Step 2

Select Add New within the Synced / Pushed Search Filters section. Type the name of the filter you would like to push and feel free to add any modifiers for quantity or price.

Note: If this the first channel you have installed within ChannelApe, please refer to the Channels section of the Knowledge Base for a better explanation of channel configuration.

Step 3

The Secondary Category and Primary Category boxes should be empty at this time. In order to associate an eBay category with the ChannelApe products matched by your filter, you will need to add a Primary Category. Select the Change Category button and you should see a view similar to the following.

Note: Primary Category is the child category (the furtherest down in the tree) and Secondary Category is the parent category.

Step 4

Click on a category to see expand any child categories. All categories for the marketplace your channel is associated with are returned. Your currently selected category will appear bolded. Once you have found the category you are looking for select Done to close the view.

Note: It is important to remember that eBay wants you to be specific as possible with your categorization so only leaf categories (those without children) are acceptable when creating a listing. In the image above, Other Snack Foods is a leaf category and should be appropriate for you to put your listings in. However Snack Foods would not be a suitable category because it contains children. You can read more about appropriate category selection from eBay here.

Step 5

You should now see Secondary Category and Primary Category filled in. Add a priority for the rules engine if you wish and select Add.

Step 6

Repeat Steps 2 through 5 for any other filters you with to push. Then wait until your recipe triggers a product push or manually trigger the product push yourself to see your eBay listings created or updated with the new category you applied.

Note: If you do not see your listings created in eBay, ensure that you have the appropriate Channel Settings enabled (create and/or update).