How do I sell my Shopify products on

So you want to sell your Shopify products on Awesome. Did you know ChannelApe can automate this for you? Check out our Shopify importer app that imports all your information from Shopify into ChannelApe so it can be used with other apps like:

  • (.ca,, etc.)
  • ChannelApe Exporter (creates a CSV on a schedule for other apps that consume CSVs)
  • Walmart

You’ll need to meet a few requirements to start:

  1. Products in Shopify have UPC codes (Help! How do I get UPCs to sell my products on Amazon or Walmart?)
  2. You have a valid Amazon Seller Central Account
  3. You have approval to sell in your category (if gated).

If you meet all of the above requirements, sign up for an account and install the Sync Inventory From Shopify app as well as the Amazon app and make managing inventory a breeze.