Using a Shopify Private App for our Shopify Channel

ChannelApe’s Shopify Channel integration is compatible with Shopify private apps.  We only need the API Key and the Password.

The most common reason for using a private app is that Shopify can increase API limits which will make our Shopify integration run much faster.

Before setting up, please contact your Success Manager to find out what email should be used for the emergency developer email.

To setup a private app, we need the following permissions:

  • read_products
  • write_products
  • read_orders
  • write_orders
  • read_fulfillments
  • write_fulfillments
  • read_shipping
  • write_shipping
  • read_customers
  • write_customers
  • read_locations
  • read_inventory
  • write_inventory

You can leave the webhook API version default.