Shopify Inventory Management with Shopify as A Supplier ChannelApe integration


Fields That CANNOT change once created:

Let’s assume you sell t-shirts that come in different sizes and colors.

SKU is used as a unique ID to tell the 3rd party you intend to share this with about a specific SIZE/COLOR. You need 1 SKU PER SIZE+Color Combination.

  • SKU and/or UPC {or barcode as Shopify calls it} ( One must be unique and 3rd party needs to know ahead of time which identifier you will be using as the unique identifier SKU or UPC)
    • Must be unique value for each Size/Color
    • Example SKUs:
      • Style A
        • Size Small / Color Black = stylea-sm-black
        • Size Medium / Color Black = stylea-md-black
        • Size Large / Color Black = stylea-lg-black
    • SKUs / UPCs can NEVER change once you publish to 3rd party.

Fields where Data CAN change after create:

  • Images
  • Descriptions
  • Titles
  • Option – Size
  • Option – Color
  • Vendor
  • Style

Red fields can’t change, yellow can:


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