How to use Shopify as inventory and push products to Amazon.

To begin, you must have the following:

  1. Products MUST exist on Amazon
    • The products need to exist on Amazon so that we can match them up from Shopify. We are taking the UPC code or SKU from Shopify and matching it up to a page that already exists on Amazon. If the product does not exist, you will need to build a product page on Amazon first.
  2. Products MUST exist on your Shopify storefront
    • Your Shopify store will act as your “inventory“, so you will need to have products on your Shopify storefront to match with your product page on Amazon.

If you have both of these credentials, you can proceed by doing the following:

After logging into ChannelApe, click App Integrations on the left hand side of the screen. From there, click Available. You will see the following two apps (pictured below).

Amazon   Inventory from Shopify

Follow the instructions for installing both of these Apps.

From here, refer to this knowledge base article for pushing items to your Storefront.