Video: How do I use Channelape to only sync my pricing data from my supplier to my Shopify site

To begin, your data must already exist on Shopify and your supplier data in Channelape must match up to the skus you have listed in Shopify. If this is not the case, then the first step is to install your supplier data and sync with Shopify. You can follow the video below for the guide on how to do that. If you already have your data in Shopify and it matches Channelape and all you want to do is sync pricing then skip past the below video and onto Step 2.

Step 1

How to install a Sales Channel App (Sync Inventory into Shopify)

Step 2

Create a saved search for all your products you want to update on Shopify from Channelape. You can see below I created a search for all products by my supplier.

Step 3

In the upper right hand corner of the above image to the left of the help button you will see a button with three dots, if you click on this it will open your Shopify settings.Under the settings panel deselect all Fields except Price and then select Update. This will update only price on Shopify from your pricing data in Channelape.

It’s that simple, you can then go back into the Shopify integration and hit the same button and this time select Sync Inventory,  this will update immediately or you can wait for your next recipe to start. For those of you like me that do not want to read, I have included a short video below for your viewing pleasure.