Viewing and releasing held orders

API Users, integrations, and end users can place orders on hold.  ChannelApe does not automatically hold orders unless we have been instructed to do so.

A few important notes:

  1. If ChannelApe or an integration is programmatically holding these orders because they fail some validation, you must first rectify the failing validation rule before releasing the order otherwise it will be held again.
  2. Only Open Shopify Channel orders can be held. Ensure you are confident before releasing a non-Shopify channel order because it can not be held again after it is released and will flow through the rest of the automated fulfillment process.
  3. Held orders are released to Open status.

To find orders on hold, you will need to navigate to the Orders view by clicking the Orders link from the side menu.

At the top of this view is an Order Status dropdown with all available order statuses in ChannelApe.  You can pick one to filter the values.

To find held orders change this to Hold.

Once you choose an order status to filter on, the list will be updated to show you only orders in that status.

You can release a held order by clicking the Release Order button in the top right.
Note: If an application placed the order on held because of failing criteria, you must first rectify the underlying issue otherwise the order will be held again.

Click the Yes, release button and you’re set.  The order will be released to an Open status.