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Gorteks Partners with…..ChannelApe!


It’s that time again.. We have a new feature! Just recently we’ve decided to partner with Gorteks! If you have an online store and you’re selling lingerie and women’s apparel of any kind or you’re looking to start an online store selling these products, this integration is perfect for you. We can help you automate your lingerie inventory management while keeping things as simple as possible.

 About Gorteks:

Gorteks has over 20 years of experience in lingerie production and their team has developed a wide range of products that include push-up, semi-padded, padded and soft bras, corsets, garter belts, camisoles, panties and other accessories. This company is 100% family-owned and each piece of lingerie has it’s own individual approach. The companies headquarters is located in Bialystok, Poland and have the highest European standards. Gorteks is one of the few lingerie manufacturers in which the entire production process takes place in Europe.

Create an account with Gorteks:

Click on the image below to do so.

gorteks registration

Login and fill out the Credentials:

Login to your ChannelApe account. Under Channels, select the Gorteks App and proceed to fill out the credentials.

If you do not have a ChannelApe account, click here to set one up.


Awesome! You are now one step closer.

From here, you will need to sync the Gorteks datafeed to your Shopify store.

To do that, simply select the App that states “Sync Inventory To Shopify”.

It will look like the image below.


It’s time to get started with your online store! For more information, we have help videos and knowledge based articles if you get stuck.

Click here for help videos.

Click here for knowledge based articles.



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