• EDI X12 855 Document

    The EDI X12 855 is a electronic document sent by the 850 recipient to acknowledge its receipt. This document typically includes confirmation of the 850s receipt as well as any changes the recipient has made to the 850 after receipt.

  • EDI X12 850 Document

    The EDI X12 850 is a electronic purchase order. This document typically includes billing, shipping, pricing, and items purchased. Most ERPs have the ability to work with 850s.  Check with your ERP provider to learn more.  

  • EDI X12 945 Document

    The EDI X12 945 is a electronic warehouse shipping advice document. This document is typically sent from a warehouse to confirm the shipment of goods and usually contains container numbers, items and units shipped in various packaging, the destination, along with the source of the shipment.

  • EDI X12 940 Document

    The EDI X12 940 document is a warehouse shipping order. This is used to initiate the transfer of goods from a warehouse to another destination. Warehouse orders usually contain shipping destinations, items and quantities to be shipped, and are usually devoid of pricing information.

  • EDI X12 846 Document

    The EDI X12 846 is an electronic inventory update.  It’s used by suppliers to inform their trading partners of the current inventory levels of various locations. The 846 may have different statuses for inventory levels such as on hold, available, damaged, etc.

  • EDI X12 856 Document

    The EDI X12 856 is a electronic advanced ship notice or commonly referred to as a ASN. The EDI 856 includes the items packed for shipment, destination and delivery schedule.