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The definitive guide to 3PL
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Case Study
When Saysh saw a 1000% increase in order volume for their holiday sale, they successfully fulfilled every order—without overselling.
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Strategic Inventory Operations for Retail

Seamlessly connect your operations data, teams, and partners on one platform that grows with your business. Consolidate all inventory operations across sales, fulfillment and inbounds into one mission control center.
Strategic Inventory Operations Platform

Your data, your way.

Behind every great experience are solid operations. As the foundation for all physical activities, operations connects people, functions, and systems across your organization.

+ Improve Margins

Improve your P&L by lowering shipping, fulfillment, and other operational costs. Build operational flexbility that unblocks growth today and tomorrow.

+ Improve Cashflows

Data is only as good as the time you get it. Understand too late and oversell or overbuy which leads to poor cashflows and worse, upset customers.

+ Repeat Orders

With higher NPS comes repeat purchases and higher lifetime values. CAC is a killer. Improve LTV by building a promoter engine.

+ NPS Scores

Nothing kills NPS score more than a terrible fulfillment experience. Canceling an order due to backorder or fulfillment that takes 5+ days leads to less than 9's.

Mission Control for Inventory


Streamline your brand's operations with our dashboards, consolidating essential metrics in real-time for a more comprehensive overview of how the business is performing

A better source of truth, without a year of implementation

ERPs were purpose built for finance teams. Keep them for what they do best, finance. Building your entire operations around a financial platform built 20 years ago isn't going to help you grow faster. We make your operations more flexible while also getting data into your ERP or finance system.


"This is why I chose ChannelApe, because I was looking for a partner, not just a vendor."

Benny Joseph, CTO

Unlock key insights in real-time

With dozens of pre-built reports and dashboard, unlock insights and key performance metrics that can accurately reflect and predict the health of your operations.


you can trust


Combining data from inbounds, purchase orders, WMS, sales channels and returns platforms is unreliable at best. Make better decisions with better data and discover how to improve cashflows and make better purchasing decisions.

Out of this world insights to help you scale

Quickly uncover macro trends and granular insights, then generate and share real-time reports on individual orders, fulfillments, or SKUs.


"Gaining back employee time, away from lower-value manual operations was a massive improvement."

Sean Scanlon, VP of Finance & Operations

Easily identify bottlenecks & errors

Leverage our activities to understand exactly what, how and why something worked the way it did. Make CX your superpower without having to overspend on keeping customers happy.


Automation that scales

Super-powered inventory management

Not only can you see inventory in realtime from inbounds, warehouses, returns and sales channels, but you can control it the way you want by setting presells or reserves with expiration and effective dates. Set it and forget it without having to worry about over/under-selling.


"ChannelApe was great with keeping up with Black Friday / Cyber Monday volume and not having any concurrency issues... We didn't have any backorders..."

Emily Short, Logistics & Customer Care


Utilize our Playbook of order management rules

Build in NPS boosting rules to help your CX team wow customers like upgraded shipping & maturity periods to limit unnecessary returns. Pick the right warehouse to ship from, with the right shipping label for speed and cost, with the right items including promo materials in the box. Simplify your warehouses job by giving them the exact instructions, every time. Build a network of fulfillment across 3PLs, owned warehouses and retail stores.


Integration that just works

Native integrations without the iPaaS & consultants

Not only do you get a data platform with inventory and order orchestration, but a solutions team who helps you to configure our in-house integrations. One platform, one partner to do it all.


+ 100s more in our app store.

Robust, extensible API

For those who don't want pre-built, you can easily build around our APIs. With dozens of endpoints, the options are limitless.

Configurable ChannelApe Exporter-1

One Tab to Replace Them All

Close those tabs for spreadsheets, WMS systems, sales channels, and more.