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Frequently Asked Questions


What does by demand mean?

Apps marked with “By Demand” are added based on customer demand so if you need an app, tell us about it.

What does in development mean?

This means our software engineers are hard at work building this integration for release. If you’re interested in BETA testing any app in development, reach out to our support team.

Can ChannelApe fully sync my ___ data between two apps?

Some apps do have updating features which will be clearly stated in the trigger or action descriptions. ChannelApe aims to maintain the golden copy of all of your product and order data. What we mean by that is that you should always aim to update content into ChannelApe and let it update to other systems. So for example, you should only have to manage your inventory and business rules for inventory within ChannelApe’s backend and let it sync to your apps.

When will ___ app or ___ feature be available on ChannelApe?

Unfortunately we can’t answer that via our support. We suggest you keep an eye on this page or our blog.