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Promise a delivery date on PDP & checkout

Enable pre-purchase delivery promises on your checkout and PDP with a simple API call. We’ve seen a 23.43% increase in conversation rate from early adopter launch.

In ecommerce supply chain, one of the most difficult factors that affect conversion is the delivery timeframe you promise to customers and the actual time it takes your shipment to arrive at their door.

Customers don’t want to calculate the math in their heads of when their package will arrive. Do weekend days count? Is there a holiday? What is the warehouse cutoff time?

Instead, customers just want to see the date they can expect the package and then pick a method based on price.

With our new pre-purchase delivery promise module, you can enable this on your checkout and/or PDP with a simple API call. We’ve seen a 23.43% increase in conversation rate from early adopter launch.

Built on a 100% edge-optimized, serverless cloud infrastructure, the service can scale to millions of concurrent connections without blinking an eye and has a ~121ms average latency.

Configurations include:

  • Min and Max Days for Standard Shipping including buffer
  • Cart value > $x.xx for Free Shipping
  • Fulfillment location cutoff time
  • Shippable Days of Week
  • Holidays
  • Description text – “Will be received by ” + maxDate or
    “Will be received between ” + minDate + ” and ” + maxDate
  • Currency
  • Price by SLA

AND you can use it on your PDP (product detail page) or in Checkout as a Shopify custom carrier service.

promise delivery date


Try it out yourself on our demo site. Password: deegee

Be sure to try:

  1. The PDP
  2. Adding to cart and actual checkout

For you technical folks, try out the API yourself using our demo to get started. Average response times are ~121ms

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