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"This is why I chose ChannelApe, because I was looking for a partner, not just a vendor."

Benny Joseph


Benny Joseph

ChannelApe + NetSuite

Collaborating to support the needs of growing DTC brands.

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Would you hire a CPA to pack and ship your orders?

Then why use a financial system to manage your inventory operations? Your category-disrupting, soon-to-IPO brand shouldn't be forced to work within the confines of a legacy platform. E-commerce changes faster than anyone can predict, and your operations team needs tools that can quickly adapt.

ERP Pitfalls

ERPs move at enterprise speed—slowly and with few enhancements. An ERP like Netsuite wasn’t built for DTC. Digitally-native brands deserve digitally-native solutions that can scale as your business grows.

Hidden Cost

56% of ERP implementations came in over budget by 25%

Lost Speed

79% of ERP implementation projects missed their promised deadlines

Lack of Support

Support is passed off to 3rd party vendors, leading to another additional unexpected cost

Limited Growth

Brands are often forced to adopt manual processes (e.g., spreadsheets), leading to avoidable errors like overselling

Let's compare before and after

E-commerce is 24/7, making end-of-day tracking obsolete. Empower your Ops team to instead leverage real-time data to better accommodate changing business strategies and customer expectations.

  • Before

  • After


Netsuite only


Netsuite with ChannelApe

8+ months requiring 3rd party consultants and costing over $100,000
Implementation in <30 days and a 17% reduction in unexpected backorders
The ’90s called. They want their UI back
Provide a modern UX and UI. The ROI of a good UX ranges from $2 to $100 for every $1 invested
3rd-party integration platforms required. Bottlenecks guaranteed.
Class-leading 3PL network, all major sales channels including Shopify+
Outdated and poorly designed non-accounting modules rarely used by modern brands
Customer-date-promise, pre-sell, and distributed order management to name a few
Business Intelligence
Data silos lead to headaches across your organization
Thoughtful and helpful standard/custom reports are available and sent directly to your inbox or Slack workspace
Slow, rigid, and still just best used for accounting
Modern RESTful API with lightning response times. We’ve got your back during the holiday season

The latest DTC Collab: ChannelApe + Netsuite

Pulling back the curtain on one of the most contested topics in e-commerce


The future of direct-to-consumer is collaborative and demands a best-in-class approach across departments. You use a modern CX platform to manage support and meet your customer's expectations. With ChannelApe, you can do the same for your inventory and order management, while leaving Netsuite to reconcile at the end of the month.


NetSuite is best for financials:

X No real-time inventory
X Inability to handle high SKU volume
X Manual reporting, monitoring, alerting

ChannelApe is best for inventory management:

Accurate inventory visibility built for high SKU brands
Built-in reports, dashboards, and alerts
Easy integrations with other best-in-class software, like NetSuite

The Elephant In The Room

But wait, isn’t Netsuite the system all successful brands use?

You'd be forgiven for thinking that your DTC brand has "made it" when Netsuite is courting you. You’ve indeed gotten the attention from a best-in-class finance system, but now it is time to complement it with a best-in-class inventory monitoring system. Whether you want to implement a customer-date-promise, begin pre-selling merchandise, or expand your 3PL network, ChannelApe will partner with you to achieve operational peace of mind while deftly navigating the ever-changing DTC landscape.

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