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Wolf & Shepherd

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Los Angeles, California

Wolf & Shepherd Streamlines Operations and Enhances Customer Experience with ChannelApe


Wolf & Shepherd, a footwear brand based in Redondo Beach, California, faced the challenge of managing inventory and shipping across multiple warehouses, while maintaining customer satisfaction. By implementing ChannelApe, W&S was able to centralize inventory management, streamline order fulfillment, and ultimately improve customer experience.


  • Managing inventory and business rules across multiple warehouses
  • Reducing lead times and decreasing shipping costs
  • Routing B2B and e-commerce orders to appropriate warehouses based on location and inventory availability
  • Ensuring accurate inventory transfers and order management


Wolf & Shepherd replaced NetSuite Advanced Order Management with ChannelApe, gaining a centralized solution for managing inventory and business rules. ChannelApe's Distributed Order Management (DOM) system allowed W&S to route orders to the appropriate warehouses based on configured DOM rules. By integrating ChannelApe with existing systems like Shopify, NetSuite, and Celigo, W&S could efficiently manage inventory and order processing across their entire supply chain.


With ChannelApe, Wolf & Shepherd achieved the following results:

  1. Improved order routing and management:
    • E-commerce orders routed to in-house and 3PL fulfillment based on location and inventory availability
    • International and gift wrap orders routed exclusively to in-house fulfillment
    • B2B orders processed through in-house, transitioning to 3PL
  2. Enhanced inventory management:
    • Nightly inventory sync from all warehouses to ChannelApe
    • Real-time inventory updates to Shopify and NetSuite
    • Virtual Wholesale location for Whiplash, allowing for inventory reservation
  3. Streamlined shipping and order processing:
    • Shipping rules based on shipping string, PO Box, military, territory, fulfillment location, order maturity, and financial status filtering
    • Efficient backorder management for e-commerce orders
    • Ship Complete feature for B2B orders, ensuring orders are not held up in backorder
  4. Custom reporting:
    • Scheduled custom reports, including Daily Cruise Seeding Tracking and Denied Financial Status


ChannelApe's integration with Wolf & Shepherd's existing systems has significantly improved inventory management and order fulfillment processes. As a result, W&S has reduced lead times, decreased shipping costs, and enhanced customer experience. By leveraging ChannelApe's features and capabilities, Wolf & Shepherd is well-positioned for continued growth and success in the footwear industry.