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"This is why I chose ChannelApe, because I was looking for a partner, not just a vendor."

Benny Joseph


Benny Joseph

Best-in-class visibility and control tool for inventory and operations

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Do you know exactly how much inventory you have and where it is? What about how much to order?

70% of consumers won’t return to a brand that promised inventory they didn’t actually have in stock. Put the fear of items going OOS behind you—yes, even during BFCM.

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Available-to-promise (ATP)

Gauge exactly how much you have left to promise customers, letting them know an item is unavailable before they buy.


Real-time Shopify sync

Have 100% confidence in availability—any adjustment in ChannelApe that affects ATP is sent to Shopify instantly.


Data analytics

Effectively plan future quantity, size breakdown & color options based on the impact of sales, seasonality, and more—with powerful BI reporting tailored for your business

Don’t you want more control?

The power is in your hands. View and manage inventory across channels and fulfillment locations.

Need to know when that replenishment order will land? Or reserve units for that new wholesale partner? What about those units for your retail shop or marketing promotions? Enjoy accurate SKU counts across all channels and locations while you sit back and watch the orders roll in.



Presell and preorder

Reduce risk and capture more sales with native preselling capability and customer date promises.



Batch adjustment

Easily presell inventory, manage reserves and returns, or upload those missing units your 3PL just discovered.


Effective and expiration dates

Pre-schedule ATP units to be available (or not) across channels to prep for an upcoming launch or sale

Struggling to manage competing priorities while controlling costs?

Your team wants units for eComm, the wholesale team is contractually obligated to reserve units for partners, marketing wants units for product seeding, CX wants units to win back a customer, and production/design wants units to add to their reference library. No pressure!


Increased profitability

Make more informed purchasing and allocation decisions with accurate business data, ultimately increasing efficiency


Happier teams

Appease every department with company-wide visibility into each unit’s position



Incentivize the sales of slow-moving SKUs with an easier purchasing experience


“This is why I chose ChannelApe, because I was looking for a partner, not just a vendor.”

—Benny Joseph

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Onboarding &
Professional Services

Purpose-built for eCommerce/DTC brands by those who have felt the inventory management pains before, we’re not plug-and-play software. We’re partners built for growth.


Our implementation services and ongoing training include:


24/7 customer support


In-house domain experts




Pre-built integrations & open APIs

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Always order the correct amount, to sell at the correct pace.

Leverage ChannelApe for 360° inventory visibility to control costs, boost profitability, and effectively plan current & future inventory.

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