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Benny Joseph


Benny Joseph

iPaaS Integration Guide

How to successfully integrate a sales channel.

What’s needed?

You'll need a few things to successfully interact with our API and these values will be unique for each ChannelApe customer:

  • Business ID
  • Channel ID
  • API Token

Please reach out to so they can provision you a sandbox and get you above 3 IDs/keys.

Our APIs are rate limited so keep an eye out for 429 errors and exponentially backoff.

Create orders

  1. You'll want to create orders (POST Create order) in ChannelApe with an "OPEN" status.
  2. We'll then pick up the order and process and if successfully processed for fulfillment, status will change to IN_PROGRESS.

Process fulfillments

  1. You'll need to enumerate orders (GET Query orders by channel) to check for fulfillments but we have a few query parameters to make this easier/reduce load:
    1. status: set this to IN_PROGRESS
    2. updatedAtStartDate: set this to the last timestamp you queried in ISO 8601 format
  2. A fulfillment with a status of PENDING, NEW, BACKORDERED, or CANCELED is not fulfilled; you'll want to make sure the status is OPEN and there is at least a trackingNumber on it
  3. Please change the fulfillment status to SUCCESS after you successfully post it to the sales channel.
    1. You can use PUT or PATCH to update the entire fulfillments list on the order level as there is no fulfillments subresource at this time.

Close orders

  1. Please change the order status to CLOSED when Sales Channel closes the order.
    1. PATCH on the order status will work here.

Close orders

  1. If Sales Channel cancels or refunds the order, please change the order status to CANCELED.