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Monitor inbound inventory (purchase orders shipments).

  • Need read only access for freight/carrier system on top of integration.

Monitor inventory data sent from the warehouse.

  • Need read only access to WMS system on top of integration.
  • Confirm that syncs are happening each day and are accurate.

Monitor inventory syncs to sales channels

  • Need read only access to sales channel system on top of integration.
  • Ensure available to promise inventory levels are accurate based on business needs and strategy.
  • Help to reserve inventory or presell inventory per request.

Report on issues opened / resolved to relevant customer contacts:

  • Sell-through
  • Oversells
  • Out of stocks
  • Items about to sell through and stock out before next inbound

Monthly business review meeting with customer to review daily and weekly reports from operations managers.

Order Management




Field support requests from customer's customer service team on problems with specific orders related to fulfillment and work to resolve with customer and fulfillment partner as needed.

Monitor and report aging shipment orders to customer and fulfillment partner.

Update carrier shipping rules (if using)

Update distributed order management rules (if using)

Update bundles configuration (if using)

Report on issues opened & resolved.

  • Missed SLA at warehouse
  • Warehouse integration outages
  • Click to delivery performance
    • Out of region fulfillments

Monthly business review meeting with customer to review daily and weekly reports from operations managers.

NOT Included

  • Managing customer's ecommerce store.
    • No Marketing. No Theme design. No Scripting. No app consulting. No financial impact changes like refunds.
    • We will help identify issues with your 3rd party apps but you will need to work with the publisher to get it corrected.
    • We will ensure to update inventory correctly on ecommerce store, pull in new sales orders, and update with tracking.
  • Purchasing or Forecasting Advice
    • We'll provide raw data to assist in purchasing and forecasting, but won't help with either activity.
  • Vendor(s) or Manufacturer(s)
    • We'll not communicate with your vendor(s) or manufacturer(s) about manufacturing, purchasing or shipping.
    • We'll accept information via integration from them about outbound shipments from them to help with incoming inventory to fulfillment company.
  • Fulfillment Company and Carriers
    • We do not help negotiate shipping costs with carriers or fulfillment companies.



Last Updated: December 2022