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Benny Joseph


Benny Joseph

More Real-Time Inventory Visibility. More in Your Pocket.

See accurate down-to-the-minute inventory levels. And improve sales conversions with ‘customer date promises'.

Real-time inventory visibility
Real-time inventory visbility UI

Your Secret Superpower for Inventory Visibility.
And Control.

Backorders are now optional. Manufacturer-to-customer real-time visibility means you will always know where your inventory is, how much to presell, how much to reserve, and how you can deliver it on time. Every time.

Visibility When You Need It. Where You Need It.

Maintain a single source of truth for enterprise-wide inventory –with unified inventory across all channels and locations. From production, to customer. Know exactly where your products are at any given moment. And gain full real-time visibility into all your orders, inventory, and fulfillment –in one easy-to-use platform.

Real-time inventory management
Real-time inventory platform

Never Oversell Again. 

With pinpoint visibility, unplanned overselling is now optional. Feel confident with real-time calculations to understand how much you can sell at any moment. Operate on an ‘available-to-promise’ system so your customers know what to expect –and when. 

Expert Support - ChannelApe

Expert Support & Playbooks. Customized to Your Needs.

Learn how to grow order volume and gain recurring revenue. In-house domain experts and built-in playbooks allow you to get the assistance you need –when you need it the most. We know how to solve the pains that block ecommerce growth.

High SKUs? Low problem.

Ship from the most efficient location –no matter the SKU count, or complexity. You can now easily track your inventory. And always know how much to sell, how much to promise, and how you can deliver it on time. Every time. Tighter inventory management means a better run operation, less problems, less customer experience nightmares, and a faster growth path. It's really that simple.

Real-time inventory shipping
Real-time inventory software

Preselling. Now Effortless.

Offer presell items to build excitement. Get the real-time inventory visibility you need –that shows you just how much inventory you’re currently selling through. Always know what to sell. And what not to –so you can easily fulfill on ATP & presell promises. And exceed customer satisfaction.Talk about painless.

Real-Time Inventory That Just Works.

Move inventory faster, and at higher margins with real-time inventory visibility. Designed for modern brands.

real-time inventory solution