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Modern Shopify 3PL Fulfillment Management with ChannelApe

Easily build out your customer-centric network utilizing pre-configured Shopify 3PL fulfillment partners or your own locations.

For any growing brand, your current 3PL likely won't be your last... but that means more external warehouse management systems (WMS) to deal with, which can give pause to companies already struggling with multiple platforms.

ChannelApe is here to help solve the problem of disconnected systems.

By integrating directly with your 3PL's WMS, ChannelApe allows ecommerce brands to build and manage all of their operations on a single platform. From knowing what is currently sitting on the shelves at your warehouse(s) to what is coming back in from returns, you will have visibility into all inventory and order fulfillment data.

Utilizing our native Shopify 3PL connector, you can easily build out your customer-centric fulfillment network utilizing pre-configured 3PL partners or your own fulfillment locations. This allows your customers to receive fast and affordable delivery because you are always fulfilling from the most strategic location.

On-Demand Warehousing

Add new warehouses in weeks, not months, allowing you to ship products from where your customers are located. Meet them where they are, faster.

Robust Fulfillment Analytics

Easily measure your 3PL’s KPIs with ChannelApe’s robust suite of fulfillment reporting. Why should you trust your 3PL to take raw sales order data from your customers and make the right data-driven decisions? These decisions should (and can) be made by you.

Know how much shipping is actually costing you? Take control over shipping label expenses by creating your own fulfillment rules (e.g., when to split shipments, selecting the right carrier, etc.).

Custom Order Routing

Ship orders by geographic location or more complex custom business logic to handle any scenario.

Single Source of Truth

Gain complete visibility into all of your fulfillment locations to always know where your inventory is located—and how much you have left to promise customers.

A Powerful, Integrated Operations Platform Built for Shopify 

Single Unified View of Fulfillments

Create your own unified supply chain utilizing one or many fulfillment providers with ChannelApe as your control tower.

Sync Orders, Fulfillment & Returns With Your Warehouse

Ensure your warehouse has up-to-date, real-time data so that you have complete control over your supply chain.

Flexible Warehousing & Fulfillment 

On-demand flexible fulfillment so you can easily scale your operations up or down.



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