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Painless Shopify supply chain management with ChannelApe

Automatically manage line items end to end from Shopify supply chain management to all your fulfillment locations.

Automatically manage line items end to end from Shopify to all your fulfillment locations.

Learn more about efficient inventory management here

Better Management

Higher Customer NPS

High-performing supply chains lead to more 9s & 10s.

Make supply chain a breeze

Shopify + Warehouse + ERP working by YOUR rules.

Get it right

Build your supply chain the way you want, not like partners dictate.

Focus on growth

Stop wasting context on tedious tasks.

Measure performance

KPI monitors how long it is taking your warehouse to pick, pack, & ship.

Remove the pains of…

  • Manually updating shipping addresses for customers. We handle it automatically.
  • Wasting margin on carrier SLA selection. We select based on your unique business logic.
  • Reviewing orders for problems or errors. We notify you of problems so you can be proactive.

Key Features 

  • 3PL Connections Connect to any 3PL whether x12 EDI, REST API, XML, or flat file.

  • Bi-directional Sync -Sync orders from Shopify to the warehouse. Sync inventory and fulfillments from warehouse to Shopify.

  • Line Item Splitting -Split line items based on your business logic for DOM or pre-order / backorder management

  • Distributed Order Management (DOM) -Ability to distribute your orders to one or many warehouses based on business logic.

  • Pre-order/backorder management -Hold line items when stock isn’t available and release them when items are in stock in selected warehouses based on your business logic.

  • Native EDI Support -x12, Edifact, & iDoc. Simple MFT.

  • Rate Shopping -Find all the rates for your order and find the best rate within the customers' chosen shipping SLA (Service Level Agreement)

  • High Volume Sales Order Import -100k orders per month? No sweat, the platform processed over $2bn in GMV last year alone.

A powerful, integrated operations platform built for Shopify

One of the biggest headaches for eCommerce merchants is managing multiple platforms. ChannelApe allows merchants to build & manage all of their eCommerce operations on a single platform. Catalog, inventory, orders, fulfillment & returns are all managed in one single platform.

  • Multi-Store
  • Shopify Marketplace
  • EDI
  • Netsuite
  • ERP Integration
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Management
  • Warehouse Management


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