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Inventory Management

Better Shopify Location Based Fulfillment = Better Profit Margins

Want to have more control of your shipping rules, meet customer expectations, and reduce costs? Here’s how to enhance your Shopify location based fulfillment strategy.

Inclement weather, unshipped inventory, improperly packed orders, oh my! The moment the customer clicks “Buy Now,” your brand relinquishes control to your external warehouse network.

Distributed order management (DOM) backed by accurate inventory counts helps you regain control of your customer experience—and your costs. ChannelApe’s DOM system helps fulfill customer orders with rule-based routing that ensures the quickest delivery at the lowest possible cost. 

All while syncing directly with your Shopify storefront(s).

Your Profit Margins Depend on Your Shopify Location Based Fulfillment Strategy

You created a great brand experience to convert consumers, so it should go without saying that you would like to have oversight into the fulfillment experience after.

82% of US shoppers would purchase more goods just to take advantage of free shipping. Inversely, 47% will stop shopping with a brand that has poor delivery visibility (e.g., in-transit status to final arrival date).

Whether your brand utilizes one warehouse or many, DOM combined with our native BI tool can help reduce costs while providing an A+ customer experience. Split shipments to meet customer expectations, route orders to preferred shipping carriers, and even provide proactive tracking support—all from one central hub that has both your Shopify inventory and warehouse(s) data.

Solve Shipping Problems and Meet Customer Demand

Let’s say a customer bought two items. With ChannelApe, you can automatically determine that your Pennsylvania warehouse is the closest location to fulfill this New Yorker’s order. Unfortunately, that warehouse only has one of the items in stock.

No problem. You have the ability to split the shipment, shipping the first item from Pennsylvania and the second item from your other warehouse in North Carolina. Does consolidating the order make more business sense? Then you can instead choose to keep the order together and ship both items from North Carolina.  

  • Faster Delivery: Automate which warehouse to ship from based on the “best” location (e.g., capacity, priority, proximity)
  • Unprecedented Control: Split or combine shipments based on most optimal cost and transit times, even during unforeseen circumstances
  • Reduced Spend: Decrease your product’s mileage and reduce parcel shipping costs by sending transfer orders from one fulfillment center to another

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