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When Saysh saw a 1000% increase in order volume for their holiday sale, they successfully fulfilled every order—without overselling.
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How To Simplify Shopify Plus Order Management

Avoid overselling and sync orders, fulfillments & returns with your warehouse—all with a unified operations system built for Shopify Plus order management.

Consumers want every style in every size. And they want it in two days or less, not two weeks. And they want to know when their order will arrive—before buying. Compared to Amazon and big-box retailers, it’s difficult for DTC ecommerce brands to deliver quickly and give live updates. 

The success of your brand relies on your warehouse's ability to rapidly pick, pack, and ship orders without errors. Of course, that requires you to rely on external warehouse management systems (WMS) with shipping rules you can't control for a critical portion of your customer experience.

ChannelApe's real-time sync into your Shopify Plus storefront(s) helps solve common problems like:

  • Manually updating shipping addresses for customers. We handle it automatically.
  • Wasting margin on carrier SLA selection. We select based on your unique business logic.
  • Reviewing orders for problems or errors. We notify you of problems so you can be proactive.
  • Unexpected backorders. We help ensure you never oversell to customers.

Utilizing our native Shopify Plus order management connector, your brand will always know how much inventory you have left across all your inventory locations. Even if you only have one warehouse, you'll still get real-time visibility into what's coming back in from returns and what's coming in new from the manufacturer. 

What Comes Out of the Box?

  • Real-time order alerts
  • Order splitting and routing based on your business rules (location, priority or stock availability)
  • Pre-order and backorder management
  • Robust order reporting
  • Order fulfillment holds
  • Bi-directional sync
  • Distributed Order Management (DOM) and location-based fulfillment
  • Multi-location fulfillment
  • Shopify order editing 
  • High volume sales order import

A Powerful, Integrated Operations Platform Built for Shopify 

Multi-Location Fulfillment

Easily sync inventory into multiple locations within Shopify Plus for fulfillments.

Distributed Order Management

Fulfill from one or many warehouses quickly and easily. Split ship and rate shop orders to control and save on shipping costs.

Shopify Order Editing

Have more flexibility and keep customers happy with the ability to edit orders with any of your 3PLs.



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