Custom Search Fields

New ChannelApe Feature: Custom Search Fields   Most Ecommerce Platforms have databases where you can search your product catalog on specific parameters, but what happens when you have specific or unique fields that you must query?   Use our functionality to search any field in your data and create CUSTOM SEARCH FIELDS.  Best of all, […]

/ Jason DePietropaolo

Move Over Wool Runners, These New Shoes are Made From Trees

Congrats to our friends and client Allbirds on the product launch of the new tree runners and skippers made from eucalyptus tree fiber. See their latest story at CBS or head over to to pick up a pair.

/ Michael Averto

How to build a custom JSON API in Shopify with Liquid

This is a little trick I’ve been using for a few years with Shopify when I want to build really interesting AJAX experiences in a theme. Many people will tell you that accessing URL parameters is impossible, including top people at Shopify: However, it is possible! I’ve been using a technique to capture header […]

/ Michael Averto

59 Content Marketing Tips to Energize Your eCommerce Store

This guest post was written by Chad Fisher founder of B-Town Web, fellow Shopify expert and a master of design and development. It’s time to get serious about content marketing for your store and these 59 tips will set you on the right path. Why 59 tips and not 58 tips? We chose 59 for […]

/ Jason DePietropaolo

Breaking Bad Tech

  The Future of eCommerce Tech eCommerce technology is changing – and it’s following the cycle that all technology follows. There’s a beginning, a middle and an end. At the beginning, there’s a breakthrough. Then people come to the solution. In the end, the solution comes to you. Consider the Internet. First, there was the […]

/ Michael Averto

ChannelApe Wins Awards in 2016 Review

Ape Takes Home Best User Experience and Rising Star Award Over the past year, FinancesOnline has emerged as one of the most authoritative ecommerce review sites on the web. Based in Palo Alto, California, the site reviews software that runs from accounting to CRM to multichannel management. Finances Online features original content, industry news and […]

/ Michael Averto

ChannelApe Presents Christmas Promotion Ideas From The Pros

Happy holidays! ChannelApe was recently featured in a FitSmallBiz post detailing the Top 20 Christmas Promotion Ideas From The Pros written by Kristian Rivera. We wanted to be sure to pass along to all you ape-boys and ape-girls. “This time of year, it can be a challenge to capture consumers’ attention, given the number of […]

/ Michael Averto

ChannelApe Releases Product Exporter

ChannelApe’s Exporter allows you to take your inventory data and make it accessible to all sales channels, platforms, affiliate networks, social media markets, shopping engines, ERP’s and more…         We work with a lot of great online retailers. We know just how much goes IN to every store – especially on the […]

/ Michael Averto

Is Expanding Outside the US Right For You?

Almost half of all online consumer spending will come from overseas by the year 2020. Things may be too expensive in their local markets, or they might not be able to find certain products, and so foreign consumers are going online. Yes, we’re only about to hit 2017 – but those three years are going […]

/ Bill Widmer