Is Expanding Outside the US Right For You?

Almost half of all online consumer spending will come from overseas by the year 2020. Things may be too expensive in their local markets, or they might not be able to find certain products, and so foreign consumers are going online. Yes, we’re only about to hit 2017 – but those three years are going […]

/ Bill Widmer

Managing your Ecommerce Marketing Using a Marketing Calendar

Online marketing has taken quite a few leaps forward in the past year or so due to the increased presence and availability of robust tools. These tools bring advanced analytics and other features into the hands of business owners and managers everywhere. One of the more under-the-radar examples is a marketing calendar. Marketing calendars are […]

/ Jason DePietropaolo

The Ultimate List of 150 Drop Shipping Companies

Looking for a dropshipping company to drop ship your products? Whether you have a product in mind or are just browsing the categories, here’s the ultimate list of X of the best drop shipping suppliers from around the globe. Since this is so long (brace yourself), I’ve broken down all the wholesalers into categories for […]

/ Bill Widmer

200 Marketing Hacks & Tools to Ensure Your Startup Crushes It

Are you getting ready for your startup to absolutely crush it? If you are, marketing should be one of your first concerns. Your ability to market your new creation will determine it’s success or failure. That’s why I’ve taken the time to find 200 marketing hacks, big and small, to help your startup dominate the […]

/ Bill Widmer

Simple and Easy XML / CSV Supplier Data Feed Integrations

ChannelApe just launched our latest feature, the FLAPPER! While it may not be as cool as those young Western women in the 1920s who wore short skirts, bobbed their hair, listened to jazz, and flaunted their disdain for what was then considered acceptable behavior, we think you should be excited about it. By the way […]

/ Michael Averto

3 Easy Steps to Start Selling Lingerie Online…1, 2, 3 GO.

Gorteks Partners with…..ChannelApe! It’s that time again.. We have a new feature! Just recently we’ve decided to partner with Gorteks! If you have an online store and you’re selling lingerie and women’s apparel of any kind or you’re looking to start an online store selling these products, this integration is perfect for you. We can help you […]

/ Michael Averto

3 Easy Steps to Import the Europa Sports Data Feed Into Shopify

Europa Sports and ChannelApe Try it Free – No Obligation NEW FEATURE!!! We have just partnered with Europa Sports to make automating your sports supplements inventory management easier than ever before. If you’re ready to expand your current inventory or if you don’t have an online store and you’re ready to start one, we are here […]

/ Michael Averto

How to Scale Your eCommerce Store with Multichannel Selling

What do Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Rakuten, and Jet have in common? They all have millions of eyeballs viewing their websites every day, looking for something to buy. Why settle for one, when you can have them all? The question is no longer, “Should I sell on Amazon or eBay?” The question is, “How can I […]

/ Bill Widmer

A Beginner’s Guide to Marketing & Growing Your New eCommerce Store

You’ve come so far! You’ve picked the product you want to sell, found an awesome business name and a great supplier, and finished setting up your Shopify store. But now what? It’s time to grow your new eCommerce store through marketing and networking! Your first sale might come to you with little to no effort. The second […]

/ Bill Widmer